Events in Zadar
Events in Zadar

The previously announced weather that there will be no bora and it will be warmer and warmer has changed a little, but it did not distract us from the basic idea and agreement with primary schools in Zadar, Bartul Kašić and Petar Preradović.

Bartul Kašić Elementary School was visited by the Institute POI on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Early morning departure from Zagreb and the welcome of the overjoyed children who were watching us in disarray, having ready questions to which they were eagerly waiting for answers.

As simple and possible as microscopy may seem, there has been an incredible interest in it, which has led to a conclusion at the level of the POI Institute.


As the children observed the microscopic objects individually, they were encouraged to think about how much someone had contributed to waste separation and whether they would devote more time to it in the near future.

The theme of the circular economy is interestingly told and accompanied by the parallel production of shapes such as twists and rulers, and from previously melted plastic plugs. Children and teachers were told that all waste does not have to be waste if its story continues in the circular economy. In particular, plastic plugs can form useful shapes depending on what we want to make, what we need or can use in everyday use.


The school was also visited by the FabLab team with various workshops such as making parachutes and assembling cars powered by solar energy.

 Institute POI had the opportunity to visit the Petar Preradović Elementary School on Friday, April 8, 2022.

A similar approach to meeting children and teachers as in the Bartul Kašić Elementary School, but it was noticed with a known interest in microscopy and biooplastics:

…pojačani interes i duže zadržavanje osobito učenika viših razreda, kod naših uređaja za drobljenje plastičnih čepova i „kreiranje“ korisnih dijelova uz pomoć kalupa:

Uz kolege iz udruge FabLab, događaju se pridružio mladi tim udruge Baltazar.

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