BIOPLAnet in Sesvete
BIOPLAnet in Sesvete

Under the organizational cap of the Green and Blue Sesvete Association, an STE/A/M day was held next to the association's premises on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

A large number of children, accompanied by their parents, used this day for a Saturday walk in which they could learn something from the field of natural sciences in a creative way. Just as it is possible to connect the natural with the technical sciences with a creative approach.

Why the letter “A” in parentheses of the word STE/A/M“

In the commonly used acronym, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the letter A from the English word Art. On one very interesting table, the children were able to express this artistic part of their abilities with drawings, and as such, they placed the drawings in the form of a mini-exhibition, hanging the works to be available to everyone.

In addition to the above, casual and intentional visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the charms of 3D printers,

logic puzzles, bioplastics and circular economy, robotics, etc.

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