BIOPLAnet on Prvić
BIOPLAnet on Prvić

On the island of Prvić in the town of Prvić Luka, a one-day event was held on Sunday, August 7, 2022 as part of the BIOPLAnet project. An excellent place chosen by the partner association OTOK, Dva bunara, where playful children with expressed interest in topics related to the circular economy and plastic recycling gathered.
This time we did not hold a presentation with the well-known devices for crushing and extruding melted plastic, but we will certainly do so at the next event because the interest is really great.
The event was accompanied by the presence of colleague Danijela Đurak from the Association for Creative Social Work and colleague Robert Vdović from the FabLab association, who had the opportunity to present the STEMerica project.

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